This website is dedicated to the practice of offering love and compassion to all aspects of the self -- including the Ego.

Ego Integration represents a somewhat different way of viewing the Ego than is usually recommended by various spiritual practices. Most spiritual seekers acknowledge and love their Higher Self, (the wise, patient and beautiful Divine Self--the one who is always loving and giving), but they typically dislike the part of themselves that's known as the Ego self.

The Ego is a buffer to the part of the self who judges, hates, gets sad or depressed, gets angry, is fearful, or contributes to one's negative self-perception. Yet there is a hidden wealth of love and wisdom that a fully Integrated Ego can offer to help enrich one's life. In a healthy, balanced relationship between a person and their Ego, a very loving and positive partnership develops over time. But this is usually not the case. Instead, very understandably, due to the unhappiness or discomfort we feel, we tend to jump to the conclusion that the Ego aspect of the self is an enemy--or at the very least a roadblock to happiness. So we reject the Ego, alternately running away from it, or trying to squash or override its influence.

What actually happens when we push that Ego part of ourself away, is that we never get to know it, or learn compassion or understanding for it–and because it, in turn, feels so unhappy in its role, it functions to sabotage our life. (Not out of spite! More out of mutual misunderstanding.) Yet the Ego is an intrinsic part of the self. And it does no good whatsoever to be locked in battle with one's own self! Peace can never be possible, as long as this is the case.

This is why Ego Integration is so very important. After full Integration of the Ego, a person begins to operate more and more as their Authentic Self (which is what we all ultimately are). This means they tend not to judge or blame any aspect of their self anymore, and therefore are no longer at war with any part of their self. All aspects of the person become gently combined, more and more noticeably, into wholeness. The end result is that the walls that have long separated the different aspects of the person are naturally dissolved, resulting in a palpable sense of peace in one's entire being.

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