St. Patrick’s Day marked exactly one year’s time since the Ego and I have been working together. It has been the most remarkable and meaningful year of my life, ever. Each week has offered something magical and miraculous. There has been some trial and error in finding our way, since beginning the Ego Integration process for clients, because every person is different.

I have come up with a neat little plan, after a few months of tweaking. I found that one of the most important things that a client can do, is to trust in their Ego. This is very hard for many people, even after their Integration, to reverse a lifetime of mistrust. Even though their Ego is ready to trust the person, often the person just can’t seem to return that trust.  So I recently began to assign homework to each client, based on the specifics of what I picked up on during their Integration. This homework helps to quickly heal the unconscious thoughts and habits that we all have, that cause self-sabotage and the same repeating destructive patterns.

I also added “trust in the Ego” to the Ego Checklist that each client receives. Working with this on an ongoing basis helps to heal the unconscious fear that the client may have toward the Ego. The homework and the “trust in the Ego” exercise combined, seem to cause a dramatic and speedy healing process, which makes their progress of full Integration happen much quicker. My goal is for every person to love their entire being, and for everyone to come to know and love the Ego, as I do. Humanity is coming into a whole new chapter of being–and it’s time for us to leave fear and blame behind and learn to love and accept ourselves and others, so we can move into this exciting new way of being. It is going to be unlike anything humanity has seen in thousands of years.

It really is up to us to create this change, however. So starting with loving and embracing ourselves is important, because that kind of fearless love and acceptance of the self causes powerful ripples that translate into positive change in the world. It is also critically important to remain positive about the state of the earth and its future. No matter what it might seem to look like at the moment!

Having a positive outlook is much more effective energetically, as it assists the earth in being able to heal itself. If we really want to help heal the earth, and to help the animals and people who are in need, all we need to do is: 1.) to stop reacting so much to what we see in the media; 2.) love and accept ourselves and others; and 3.) to keep a positive outlook about the future of the earth, instead of focusing on doomsday predictions and worst case scenarios.

The Ego is more than thrilled to be able to join us in this beautiful new future. Like the Higher Self, the Ego is meant to operate as an in-body Guide. Integration helps to restore that original function and relationship with the Ego as it was always meant to be. A healthy partnership is wonderful to experience, for a person and their Ego both.

To be acknowledged and loved after so many years of scrutiny and blame makes life so much sweeter for the Ego. I can only imagine how much misery my Ego Martin has been through. Even though I have always been a happy-go-lucky person, I did not truly enjoy life until this year. I never felt at home here on earth, and was extremely shy. Life was a long, stressful experience. Working with Martin has opened the door for many awesome experiences, and has allowed me to be happy to be here for the first time ever.

If we ourselves are unhappy, then our Ego is ten times more unhappy than us–because it does its very best to shield us from pain, so it takes on the brunt of anything that we experience. Most people blame the Ego when things go wrong but (even before integration) the Ego is always actively protecting us from potential emotional threats. It’s been helping us as much as it can, in the only way it has known how.

To love and accept your Ego, is exactly what the Ego has always dreamed of, ever since you decided to come to earth. Your Ego is so happy just to be a part of your life. That is what was supposed to happen when you came into this intense holographic experience called “life on earth,” so you can imagine the shock and disappointment that the Ego experienced when you learned to fear it and tried to run away from it.

To be able to experience this bright new future together with you, and to be loved by you, is a dream come true for the Ego. And the feeling of ever increasing wholeness that this union brings to you the person, as well as to your Ego, is a wonderful thing. Don’t take my word for it. Start building a relationship of love, trust and respect with your Ego today. You will never ever regret it.

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