Over the past 15 months, as Leni continues to receive “new teachings” from her Guides, some pretty startling observations have begun to unfold.

I had spent years working, via The Course, as to how to undo or get rid of my Ego. Now, we have learned, the Ego is actually one of our Guides, and longs to work with us, in a very captivating way. Martin, Leni’s Ego, is doing a happy dance for all of us as we are now being shown a much more refreshing way to live. And, it is so much easier.

I had no idea how much indoctrination I would have to “unlearn” as I began the process of loving and working with my Ego. Leni got it immediately, but whew, I had a lot of stuff in my unconscious that was bubbling up for me to look at. Uh, mainly fear.

One of the more important pieces of information I began to see was that we have made the Ego, the devil. Exactly like Christianity! You know: the devil made me do it. As we continue to bash and blame our Ego for everything, we are no different than that very thing we have looked at in Christianity, and judged them for. Kinda funny…we have just flipped things around enough to create our very own spiritual devil. If we are believing in any of this absurdity, we are doing the one thing we have been taught not to do: JUDGING! And if you are judging your Ego, you are judging yourself. Crazy.

NOTE: For a very simple way to release judgment, please go to “An Exercise In Healing Judgment” under the blogs section on this site. This exercise, via Leni and The Guides, has been given to all of us to use freely.

There are a lot of other concerns that have also come up, but that is the one that stands out the most, at this time. We have a group of brave souls who have stepped in here and experimented with these new teachings. Most of the people being led to us are Course students. That teaching has been so ingrained in them, that they are now having a helluva time letting go. As I was the first one to experiment with this, I now have some insights and can identify the markers as they pop up.

We have been working with a delightful woman from Canada who had the Ego Integration several months ago. At first, she let us know that it did not seem to be working. Leni asked her if she was doing the homework (The Arrow Exercise and The Healing Blueprint, found at: www.egointegration.com), and she admitted that she was not. Bottom line: if you do not do the exercises, and they are very very simple, this will not work . Free will and all that. She then wrote to us and let us know that she was doing an online course with someone who identifies as a Course teacher. She contacted him and asked him about the possibility of including the Ego in our lives, and he was adamant that she should ignore it, so she did. She was becoming more confused and asked the teacher about it again, and this time he ignored her. I gently suggested at the time to maybe step away from the class, but of course, it was up to her.

A couple of months later she wrote and and said she was now doing another online class with with a different team of Course teachers. As I looked more deeply, I could see that this was happening with a lot of other Course students. They were not allowing themselves to fully work with these new teachings that are coming in, via Leni and the Guides (or ‘Leni and the Jets’ as Carrie fondly calls them). There was no trust, and that’s OK, it was showing us something.

In my new experience as to how this was working in my life, I realized that if I truly believed in what we were doing, then, probably, I should let others know. I was a little gun shy, because I had written an honest answer to someone else about this, and got blasphemed all over the damn place. Sheesh, folks, the world is not flat! I now knew it was time for me to say what may be hard for some to hear. I wrote to her as follows:

“So, yep, now I am going to STRONGLY recommend that you lay aside EVERYTHING. That includes the two you are following right now. And, as we are finding out, ACIM, and anything related to it. Now, I know how hard this may be for you to hear, because I have walked through it myself, and we are currently working through it with a few other folks.”

Another woman had written to me and said that, during her recent ACIM class, they had discussed that everything is predestined and so how do you reconcile if you murder someone, cause someone’s death accidentally, etc. I replied to her and told her that I personally knew that she had NOT MURDERED ANYONE. The class conversation was a hypothetical musing, and maybe take a look at where those musings led her…right back into the intellectual mind, or more accurately, the dumper! I assume she is not happy with my answer as I have not heard back from her for several months. I am OK with that. She asked, I answered.

There is a certain amount of grief, disbelief, fear and rage with letting go of something we have been studiously following for so many years, myself included. I was pretty damn sure that ACIM was IT. Since Leni began receiving these messages about one year ago, I have been experimenting with and living, a very strong lesson in what exactly is the damn truth. I just knew that what she was telling me was true, but uh, there was no proof, anywhere out in the world. Our family and it seemed like, at the time, the entire world was against it. But I have been known to be a butt head, and I kept persisting because I began to live a much more effortless life than before. The more I worked with Paul (my Ego), the more there was some kind of ease and peacefulness entering than I had never experienced. And it was showing up in the world, where it is supposed to.

Here was her answer:

“I let go of something yesterday after conversations with Sally and Leni that has brought a sort of lightness into my life that had been missing. I had been hanging onto bits and pieces of my earlier forays into the so called spiritual world of ACIM, WOM, etc., and I finally let it all go… all of it. What a release!”

After continuing to work with the Healing Blueprint and the Arrow Exercise (these exercises can be found at www.egointegration.com and are gifts to all of us from Leni’s Guides) for a few months, she sent the following:

“Today for the first time in a very, very long time I started a gentle exercise and stretch program. I had been hesitant up to this point because of body pain issues. However, today seemed like a good time to start so I did. As I mentioned earlier, I have been inviting my body and joy to be my guest as I move through my day and today was no exception. As I was gingerly doing my exercises, I found myself slipping in a connection with my body. I could feel a gentle love, a quiet joy as I moved through the program. I was struck by how it seemed like participation, without separation. It became fun rather than a necessity and I found myself communicating my happiness for this experience to my body and feeling the quiet joy returned. As I then moved into my stretch program, it felt like such a collaborative experience, without any real thought or expectation. There was no effort on my part to “connect with Self” or to be in a certain ‘space’. It just was. Later today I noticed as I was preparing my first meal of the day that I felt like I was in a rhythm, that my movements were following a sort of choreography. It’s hard to explain but interesting, for sure. What is also interesting is that I, for the first time, have gratitude for all the body issues that have been demanding my attention for so long. I am finally listening and receiving blessings in return. I have such appreciation for Leni and her fearlessness in getting out the messages she receives; her faith in them. As one of many recipients of this Love she shares, I have found myself in the most gentle of ways–changing, growing, loving, feeling in ways I spent years trying to find through teachers and books. Many thanks and much love”.

Another lightening bolt consideration that has emerged from working with these teachings is this: we are being gently being led back to our own Divine Self, via working with our Ego, and I am being clearly shown how hard this is for everyone. For the first time ever, we are working with something that has no books, no rules, no teachers, and especially…no dogma. There is no wrong way to do this, but again, that is not written anywhere that I know of. And, holy shit, this is so threatening. No one to tell us what to do? I mean, really, how can we possibly survive a teaching like this? I’m not sure, but maybe it’s about time and I base that on the level I am living right now, and it continues to get better. A few very simple exercises in accessing our unconscious, and folks, that’s some pretty big news.

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

Carl Jung

I FINALLY get what this guy is talking about, heh heh.

Much Love,

Sally Dubel

One thought to “Ego/Devil”

  • Donna

    Sally, I love this! And I loved how you brought into the conversation how we, as a result of accepting and loving our Ego, are now “…gently being led back to our own Divine Self…”. When I first began this journey via Ego Integration, I was, quite frankly, focused on using this to find a way to make changes in my world of pain, fear, scarcity, etc. And although I spent years seeking in all the ‘right’ spiritual places to find ‘enlightenment’, what I was really doing was just trying to find a way out of living the good life of fear and survival. What is interesting is, as I continue to allow, love and lovingly release whatever arises (thank you Leni and the Jets), I am now finding that my awareness has become more heightened and although I would love to have a pain free (on all levels) life and why not?, I am being drawn to going within more frequently and in some moments have what I consider brilliant conversations with Self (which I never seem to remember later in the day; that’s called grey hair brain) that are often spontaneous and out of the blue. It appears that my relationship with my Sam, my Ego, is becoming more and more integrated to the point that although I have ‘chats’ with him and use his name, I can feel that we are quite blended now and the need to see him as separate from me is slowly disappearing; there is more of a Oneness. I hope we get to see more of these posts from you, Sally. They are illuminating and so helpful. Love, love, love… Donna.


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