Ascension Symptoms

Has life been a little insane in the past year? Particularly hard? Do you have any of these symptoms randomly popping up: dizziness, vertigo, extreme hunger, feeling like you are going insane mentally or physically, extreme fatigue or extreme energy, tinnitus, no mental focus, sudden onset of allergies, hair breaking, itchy skin, depression, anxiety, mental confusion, memory issues, sensitivity to everything being enhanced, pain, sore joints, health issues, the body feeling cold or hot, anger issues, intense energy downloads that make you shake, body vibrating, headaches, nails and hair growing fast, anxiety, sudden deaths, sudden changes or any other weird issues happening? I had all of the above except the depression.


It is Ascension or DNA Activation. The good thing about it is that you are leaping forward and will probably be in a much better place eventually. This is a beautiful gift to the earth as well because we are aligning to a higher frequency which matches earth. This will allow us to assist the earth and work more congruently towards what we all need. The bad thing about it is that it really sucks to go through.


The first thing to do after you have assessed that you do not have a medical condition is to be sure that you have enough vitamins and minerals in your body. The body uses an enormous amount of energy during this process and it can deplete your natural stores. This happened to me. Many of these symptoms can be remedied by taking the vitamins and minerals that you need. Be sure that you are taking them properly and taking the correct dosages. Two weeks seems to be the time when my body has had too much of most of them. I am not a doctor and everyone is different.


The reason that “nightmare scenarios” and sudden traumatic changes are happening is because your soul knows that things are probably about to get a whole lot better for you and it needs to experience and master these emotional situations before you move past manifesting them. After all, earth exists for emotional learning and these experiences are priceless to a soul. Many souls are crossing. My grandma Honey crossed. She said that she was better suited as a soul and with the minset that she had as a human, she was not prepared for Ascension.


There is a way to slow this process down so that it is bearable. I did it myself. I had been going through all of this for about a month and was at my breaking point because it was non-stop. I turned to my Guides and very intensely told it to stop. I knew that it was really good for me but did not care at that point. I stated that I also needed to function and live my life. To make it slow down you need to be at a very intense level of being fed up. When I asked how I was able to make it slow down the next day, my Guides showed me the image of feeling better as a trophy up on a shelf that I reached up and yanked down.


Hype yourself up to a really strong intensity and demand that it slow down. This made my life much more bearable and allowed the positive aspects of Ascension to come through. The positive aspects consist of more physical bliss, an easier ability to manifest what you need, a stronger connection with Spirit, more emotional bliss and many other incredible aspects. It has not stopped but it has slowed down and is much more pleasant.


If you are unable to slow it down the best thing that you can do for yourself is to welcome Ascension using the Healing Blueprint method:

1. Imagine that you are holding a sword and shield and then set them down.

2. Welcome “Ascension” as if it is a person, into your home or imagined sacred meeting space.

3. Thank Ascension for the experiences that it has given you and take a moment to deeply love it. This whole exercise only takes 15-30 seconds.


Welcoming issues is the only way that I have ever been able to heal them permanently. Surrender is also an extremely quick and powerful way to heal. To do this: simply imagine that the issue that you are dealing with is a present and hand it over to the universe, God, or your Guides. Surrender is extremely underrated here on earth. It has almost become a religious or spiritual phrase so it turns many people off. I believe that every single person on earth should learn how to surrender. If I had my own school of learning this would be one of the main classes that I would teach. I have healed the flu, car sickness, body pain and many issues instantly by surrendering.


To all of the healers out there. You will be downloaded with a huge amount of energy while experiencing Ascension. It is important that you “keep this energy moving” as my Guides put it. When you feel your head and body begin to shake, something important is happening. You can just put your feet onto the ground and allow that energy to move through your head down through your feet into the ground. You can push the energy through your hands onto literally anything that you are touching to allow it to flow out of you. You may have to do this quite often. Also, you need to allow yourself to rest and relax as often as possible.


Hang in there. This really is happening so that our lives and the health and future of the earth will improve. Ascension is different for everyone. We all go at different paces with this. It never dawned on me to welcome Ascension even though this was the first teaching my Guides gave to me. I believe that if I would have welcomed and surrendered this process in the beginning it would have been a much more positive experience.


Happy Holidays

Love, Leni

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