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Hi guys. I hope that you had the most magical Christmas of all time. My Guides ask that I re-post this every six months or so. Last year I posted an exercise called the Arrow Exercise. I feel as though I can talk about the exercises Spirit has given me from the third person perspective because all of the information comes from them. I simply channeled, wrote the exercises down, and served as the guinea pig. I have since changed the name to the Equation Exercise as many folks were confused as to where the arrows came into play.


This is an exercise in non-reaction. Many people in the spiritual community including myself, were taught to forgive as a daily ritual. Forgiveness is beautiful and it brought me many wonderful experiences.


However, I often felt as though I was being cheated in some way because I did not like being responsible for the rude behavior of others. I forgave as often as I could and resolved many situations utilizing forgiveness but when my Spirit Guides gave me this exercise as an alternative for forgiveness, it produced outstanding results for me within the first week of practicing it. With this exercise you are only responsible for your own behavior. The first part of the equation is what the other person says or does. The second part of the equation is your reaction to it. If you do not react negatively the equation cannot be completed. You cannot control how people act or what they say to you. But you are in complete control, or can learn to be in control of how you react.


When you are able to stop the equation from being completed, what the other person says or does is of no importance. I cannot tell you how refreshing it feels to be in control of my own emotions. I have always been extremely sensitive to harsh words. I also possessed a secret temper that was very bad and easily triggered. Any type of confrontation would usually result in crying or sneaking away and punching something to get my aggression out. I have never punched a human being but I feel genuinely sorry for the shoe boxes in the storage room where I worked at Sears in Houston, TX. They were perfect for punching as they did not hurt your knuckles. Fifty percent of the shoe boxes had dents in them by the time that I quit Sears. Most people who know me would be surprised by my temper and they probably would not even know that it existed. However, it was always a point of internal contention and embarrassment for me.


I can say that after practicing this exercise for almost a year and a half, my temper has practically gone away. This, for me is one of the greatest gifts that I could ever receive. I never thought that I could be someone who was calm and peaceful at all times. I am able to catch myself in the moment and stop myself from reacting now, which was never an option for me before. To do this:


To stop the equation from being completed you do not react at all to what is said to you. This works with news stories and anything that triggers you into a negative emotional reaction as well.


Your only job in that moment is to not react. What the other person says is none of your business. This is really important as it allows you to focus only on yourself in that moment. You do not need to forgive. The forgiveness happens organically as a result of not being affected by the emotion anymore and it happens in an unbelievably big way. I loved 99% percent of the people I worked with at my most recent job as a result of this. The ones who made my life a living hell were not able to garnish a negative reaction from me anymore after practicing this. This, in turn allowed me to feel however I wanted about them and I naturally chose to love them as a result which really surprised me.


It sounds simple but this is the exercise that my clients have the most difficulty with. Earth is designed to create situations which push our buttons 24\7. We are here to learn about emotions and how they affect us as souls. Life is perfect on the other side and for a soul, discovering the effects and possibilities that occur due to our reactions to negative situations is everything. So earth is literally the perfect place to study emotion.


Learning to harness your own emotion is incredibly helpful and powerful. I will give you an example. I love animals and used to become stricken with grief and sadness each time that I watched an animal abuse commercial. My Guides asked me to practice non-reaction with these commercials. I felt as though I was being cold-hearted when I first began to practice this on the commercials. My Guides said that it was the most respectful thing that I could do though, because any time that you react negatively to any situation you are actually sending negative energy to the situation which produces more suffering in the individual.


I was naturally inquisitive as to the amount of suffering that my reaction and the energy that it contained could transfer to the individual. They said that you could affect someone’s energy field by up to 30% with your emotions. I believe them as I have experienced this myself. Since practicing this I have only seen one animal abuse commercial. I used to see them daily. When I went to volunteer at the local shelter I noticed a huge improvement in the facility itself and the conditions within.


My Spirit Guides told me that because I had been practicing non-reaction with animal abuse it had then filtered out into the world and made a difference everywhere for animals. They informed me that this would continue to occur every time that I practiced the exercise. It is also important to know that the news creates itself as we watch it and it cannot change and become positive until we release our addiction to negative news stories or stop reacting to them. It is useful to say “no” in your mind to allowing any situation to trigger you emotionally. You can tell any negative emotional thoughts “no” even after the situation has occurred. I love you guys.

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