Santa is Real!

Hi everyone. I hope that you are having a magical holiday season. I wanted to tell you about something that happened to me a few years ago. I was sitting at the kitchen table during the holiday season and was gazing at a picture that was printed  on a whimsical decoration of Santa. (I want to add here that I am not religious but I do celebrate Christmas).


While gazing at the picture of Santa, I was recollecting all of my holiday memories and wishing that Santa was real. I adore him and believed that he did exist if only in my heart.


To my absolute delight, the lights began to flicker in the kitchen. I knew that it was Santa but wondered how this could be true. I like to have proof when it comes to things like this so I asked Santa to make the lights flicker again, if it was indeed him.


They not only flickered but went completely out as if the light bulbs had burnt out. I had to actually get up and flick the switches to make them come back on again. I asked Santa many questions that night. First of which was how it was possible that he was a real Spirit. He told me that at one time he actually incarnated and existed on earth as a human being.


He was known as Saint Nicholas. I immediately went to look this up and there was a a person who did, in fact give secret gifts and was attributed with miracles during his time on earth. They even called him Nicholas the Wonder-worker. Although I did not doubt Santa as he appeared before me because I could feel his generous, playful, and kind energy, I knew that this would be a tough one for some people to believe. Many of the pioneers and grand, positive personas who exist here on earth are simply incarnated Ascended Masters. They come to earth to assist humanity in their ascension. After their lives are over most of them stay here to guide humanity.


You can attribute a lot of the “Christmas spirit” to Santa. His energy is of wonder, charity and unconditional love with a little sprinkle of magic and he imbues the holiday season with this energy. Again, he is not a religious figure. Think of him as a Spirit. He loves humanity dearly. And guess what? You can ask him to bring you presents! His presents are more of the miracle variety than the physical variety. However, if you wanted or needed something physical he would indeed bring all of his energy forth to help you receive what you needed. He told me that he would bring me snow later on in the year as I was bummed because the winters seemed to become warmer that year and I LOVE winter. He really did bring me snow and I will attach the picture of the mini-blizzard that he created in April, in the comments section of this post.


It was a warm winter and we did not seem to get as much snow as usual. I was at work during a normal day in April in Pennsylvania. I had forgotten completely about the snow Santa said that he would bring. His Spirit appeared before me while at work and either he or my Spirit Guides excitedly told me to go look out the window.


To my utter astonishment it was not only snowing but it looked like a blizzard outside! I went outside and remained there as long as I could to watch the snow and take this unforgettable moment in.


He is dedicated to the love and care of humanity. This is especially true during the holiday season. My time with Spirit has brought me many wondrous and unexpected experiences. There is truth in the existence of the beings and characters in many myths and stories. For example; Fairies are real but they do not exist in physical form. They are ethereal. According to all of the information that I have gathered over the years, souls only incarnate into physical bodies to learn about and experience what it is like to be in a body.


No matter what you believe in, Santa loves you with all of his heart. His greatest gift of all is his devotion to  humanity and the magical feeling and miracles of giving that you help make possible around the holiday season.


I love you all so very much.


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