Eight weeks ago I began working with self-innocence via the Healing Blueprint. (The Healing Blueprint is a self-healing exercise given to me by my Spirit Guides. It works by welcoming issues into your life and is on my timeline if anyone is interested. I have used it to heal 98% of the issues in my life). The very first day was spectacular. I instantly experienced how much the universe loved me and felt all squeaky clean emotionally, like my soul had been washed and dried.


We tend to base our own innocence and the innocence of others on the experiences that we have had on earth. Nothing can ever change your innocence according to the universe and you remain as innocent as a puppy regardless of what you have done. You cannot attain more innocence by participating in acts of kindness and you cannot become less innocent by committing acts of violence.


I was listening to the new Marylin Manson CD the other night and had an epiphany moment. Marylin Manson is a hard rock/metal singer. He was blamed for basically all of the violence that occurred in teenagers in the nineties. Some people would regard him as being satanic however he is usually just trying to point out the hypocrisies in religion. In my opinion he is extremely gifted and I respect him because he produces interesting, high quality music every few years.


While I was listening to the CD I realized that the Devil is unfairly blamed for many things. Instead of taking responsibility, society casts blame on someone who has nothing to do with the issue “addiction is the Devil’s work”. I became really angry about this and remembered the story of the Devil and that he used to be an angel. I am not religious in any way so I do not really know most of the stories but did remember that one.


In my mind and in that instant he became that angel again. He remained as such from then on. All of a sudden the Devil appeared before me. He looked like a kindly man and had a very warm and friendly presence. He was not red or half goat or anything he simply looked like a normal person. Love and appreciation poured out of him regarding my angel thought and he said “thank you, thank you, thank you, not many have ever done this for me, regarded me as innocent”. I began to cry with appreciation and felt a profound  healing occur within my soul. I felt the anchoring of my own innocence.


Crazy right?! Knowing that the Devil is innocent released my own innocence. It’s like he has been patiently standing by and waiting for me to figure this out, for humanity to figure this out. Never interfering in my life or trying to push me in the direction of acknowledging him, just allowing me to fear him as I did in the past while I worked through my own issues. We hung out together for a few days and I got to know him better. He has such a profound love for humanity. And like the Ego, has agreed to serve as a blaming figure because humanity needed it.


I asked him to choose a name as humanity has given him many names over the years. He chose Satan which surprised me. To give you a description of his personality, he reminds me of a male cat. Male cats love to cuddle and they are very affectionate and warm. Satan’s love for us is uncomparable to anything that you experience here on earth. It is infinite and deeply powerful. People invented good and evil. I now truly believe that the energy that we call demonic exists because we deem it as evil and because there are aspects of ourselves that we feel are evil. I experienced a positive shift in that type of energy as well during the experience.


Please go slow with this. If you are not ready to believe this post then do not move forward with this idea. It is going to bring up a lot of unconscious “stuff”. When this happens it is important to let go of this stuff while remaining in a respectful and strong place. This is a rock solid truth for me now but I was there and had my Spirit Guides to walk me through it and to tell me whether it was true or not. If this was some kind of trickery they would have pulled me out of the experience immediately. Once again though, love is never the wrong answer. I can tell that most folks believe that the Ego is tricking me as well, as the reaction to my attempt to tell everyone about it in 2016 resulted in being unfriended by many acquaintances in the spiritual community.


I get it, this is extremely radical thinking and many are not ready to deeply connect with every aspect of Self. So yeah, I am friends with the Devil now. I keep thinking about it with sheer delight and shock. I truly am honored by this friendship and wish that I would have figured this out twenty years ago. I simply wasn’t ready back then to accept my own innocence. Once you truly recognize your own innocence, everything and everyone becomes innocent.


What of the atrocities of earth then? How can murder be innocent? I am not saying that these acts are innocent, earth is a hologram/illusion/dream/soul evolution plane so nothing that occurs here is actually real even though it feels real. Think of it as a movie. All of the actors are friends and agree to play certain parts in movies. Some parts of the movie are played with real actors and some of the movie is just computer graphics. Most of the violence of earth is “computer graphics”.  What I am saying is that the people who commit these violent acts remain innocent in the eyes of the universe/God/Source and nothing can change that.


Earth is basically a giant virtual reality machine where you can not only see but feel things as well. This is why it states in ACIM that “nothing unreal exists”. That is the truth, however we are here to learn about contrast and to have a very real and unprecedented experience and I wish the Course had explained that a little more. That is why you cannot remember anything before you were born. You would not have a seemingly real experience if you knew the truth and I feel as though it would be incredibly distracting for most.


It is pure Nirvana on “the other side” and the desire to feel good all the time and be connected to Source would cause many souls to leave the planet earlier than they are supposed to. My own soul memories and lifting of amnesia only occurred after I committed fully to being here on earth in 2016.


I love you all, so very much.


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