A few months ago my Guides suggested that I go on a low carbohydrate and low sugar diet. I asked why and they said that I needed to gain food trust and appreciation. So I started off with ten days straight of no sugar and no carbs. At the adjournment of the ten days I went to a paint and sip party. At these parties you are taught how to paint and you also drink wine. Someone made and brought cupcakes with them. I decided that I had been doing really well with the food appreciation diet and treated myself to a cupcake.


When I picked up the cupcake to take a bite I could somehow feel the cupcake’s energy. The energy was mesmerizing. It was pure love and it was riveted that I was going to eat it. The energy reminded me of a celebration, the cupcake loved me as much as Source loved me. It loved me as if we had known each other our entire lives. This surprised me as I knew that plants, rocks, and geographical areas had consciousness but I did not realize that man made items were also imbued with this energy.


When I bit into the cupcake I began to cry uncontrollably and all of that unconditional love poured into me. This was one of those life-changing experiences that rarely happens to us as human beings. The cupcake literally existed in that moment to be eaten, simply so that it could bring contentment and comfort into my life. That was its purpose and it was filled with pride to be able to do this for me. I went outside to collect myself as I was embarrassed about the crying and didn’t want anyone else to see me.


I immediately asked my Spirit Guides how in the world this was possible. They said that everything is made from Source Consciousness. No matter where we came from directly before earth, or where our souls will journey to next, we all originally came from Source and Source Consciousness is divine intelligent energy which means that every particle in the universe is Source energy. It also means that everything man made has a certain level of consciousness. I now call it purposed consciousness. So the cupcake knows what it is here for and literally exists to serve you. It does not suffer when it is eaten, this is a beautiful process for it.


This happened again last week when I was doing card readings. I had several decks of cards spread all over the kitchen table because I had a sale and many people signed up that week for readings. I was working with whichever deck felt right for the specific reading that I was doing. I could unanticipatedly feel that the cards were psyched that they got to spend all that extra time with me during the marathon of back-to-back readings. This is the  most time that I had ever consecutively spent with all of them.


It was a major week for them. The greatest week of their lives as far as they were concerned and their love for me felt equivalent to how a cat or dog loves its guardian and it was staggering. Once again it brought me to tears. I was honored to spend this holy time with the cards and have always regarded them as friends but did not know that this was going on all around me.


When I was little I “ knew” that my stuffed animals loved me but as I grew up I simply thought that it was my imagination. I just wanted to share this with you all. Isn’t it wonderful to know that everything loves us?


I love you all, so very much.


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