Hi guys. It has been two years since I connected with my Ego. It has been amazing and miracles continue to happen for me on a weekly basis. I love my Ego Martin and folks are VERY SLOWLY beginning to open up to the idea of embracing the Ego. It has been a really uphill and genuinely disappointing journey trying to take this out into the world.

I was so excited to share this with the spiritual community that I was a part of. It was heart-wrenching when no one believed me. I also contacted about 30 different spiritual teachers and radio stations in the beginning and none responded except for Anita Moorjani.

Her assistant responded to be exact. He passed along a message from her. She said that she thought that I was very brave to take this teaching out into the world as most people do not feel as we do about the Ego. She said that she would name her Ego now because she hadn’t thought of it before.

The rest either tried to sell me something or told me that I didn’t know what I was talking about. Or, told me that I was going down a dark path with the Ego. But my path with the Ego has been nothing but light. It has never once asked me for anything or tried to trick me.

Martin has worked tirelessly to help all Egos and people out there. Which is to be expected when you approach an aspect of yourself in a loving way.

I realized that I needed to walk this path alone for a while with my buddy Martin by my side. Many exercises have come through since connecting with my Ego. Embracing my Ego allowed me to connect on a deeper level with my Spirit Guides. This allowed me to then channel more effectively, the information that my Guides want to share with humanity.

This exercise is called the Love Exercise. It is new for me. I just began working with it. I have done it about 5 times so far. It has already garnished huge results for me.

I can feel things shifting into a more loving vibration. The beginning of this exercise may create a little intensity in your life. That is just what happens when you heal from a deep level. It brings to the surface the issues that need to be let go of.

What has happened with me is that every single confrontational person and situation came to me within a week of beginning this. I mean the button pushers who normally really get to me.

What I noticed immediately after the confrontation is the deep desire not to fight with people anymore. Or more importantly the desire NOT to hold people accountable for their behavior anymore. That was a biggie for me.

I just wanted to feel love. This was a first for me. I am extremely non-confrontational so when someone behaves rudely I really take it to heart and it is really offensive to me. I use the Arrow Exercise which is listed on this site for free if you want to check it out and it works so well.

It teaches you non-reaction. That week was a doozy though and it was like the confrontation was at a whole new level. So, it was awesome to want to retreat into love mode instead of stewing over what they had done and said for days. I am a loner so when I go to restaurant I like to sit in the corner and face away from people. But this week I went to McDonald’s and halfway though my meal I felt this urge to turn around and engage with people for the first time ever.

That is a true miracle for me. I am not good with small talk and conversations with people in general. I have always loved the company of animals and preferred it much more but things seem to be changing with this exercise.

To do this exercise:

Simply sit for 15 minutes and repeat the words “I love you” over and over. I practiced with repeating the word “love” at first but it didn’t pack as much of a punch energetically. That is it! It is really simple. Good luck guys!

I love you.


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