Hello everyone! I hope that you had a fantastic July 4th. I want to address the reasons that I believe some people are going back to not trusting the Ego after their Integration. I think folks are just too much in their heads about whether they can trust the Ego or not.

The Ego has become a Boogey Man type of figure to them and it is really hard for them to reconcile this new information. They have been falsely taught that we cannot trust the Ego.

Number one; the information out there says that the Ego is incapable of loving us. This one seems to stem from a misunderstanding of the Ego’s role. The Ego’s role, as the personification of our emotions is actually to shield and guide us in emotional situations.

You have to understand that we come to Earth for soul evolution and to learn about emotion. Due to the dense and harsh nature of Earth, we split an aspect of our soul and asked it to function as an in-body guide. The Ego has shielded us many times during confrontational situations.

Number two; people think that the Ego wants our death. Before we work with our Ego in a positive manner the Ego has a lonely life. The only reason that it wants our death is so that it can be reunited with our soul and find peace again.

The Ego knows that we have an extremely unique opportunity here in this reality. It wants us to make the most of our experience, however it becomes very saddened over time and knows that peace comes from our crossing.

After we connect with our Ego this goes away immediately. The Ego wants our death like a person who has a terminal disease and is in pain wants his or her death.

Number three; people think that the Ego has some hostile agenda. This could not be further than the truth. It is here to support you. It has no agenda other than to protect you and guide you.

Any time that you become worried about whether you made the right decision about embracing your Ego, simply take a step back and think about it from the perspective of a relationship. When we treat others with love and respect they generally respond well. When we treat others with disrespect they respond poorly.

It is so simple but since all of this outdated information about the Ego exists, some minds cannot fully trust the Ego. I can say with absolute certainty that my own Ego has never tried to trick me in any way.

How can I know this for sure? I think that listing pros and cons of working with my Ego can help answer this.


1. I am now able to connect with and talk with Holy Spirit any time that I want. My Ego loves HS.

2. I am able to self-heal most issues within days if not hours of them happening. I had zero ability to do this before.

3. I love humanity and myself more than I ever have before.

4. I am actually happy and have been for 2 years for the first time in my life.

5. I am much more non-reactive during stressful situations than I have ever been.

6. Questions that I have always had about the reason that we come to Earth and why humanity exists have now been answered.

7. I have a much deeper connection to my own Spirit Guides than I ever did before .

8. I am my own teacher\healer now.

9. I KNOW that we do not have to come back to Earth if we do not reach enlightenment and that allows me to be much more relaxed in my life now. Before, I was paranoid that if I wasn’t forgiving others or working toward enlightenment, then I would have to keep reincarnating to come back to Earth. This is simply not true. We are all enlightened outside of Earth and it would be pointless to incarnate into an enlightened state. And once we gain enlightenment the emotional learning actually ceases.

10. I am living my soul purpose now.

11. Miracles continue to happen on a weekly basis since Integrating my Ego.

12. I have self-love and self-worth for the first time ever.



I love you guys with my entire being.

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