Since 2016 I have lovingly been working with the Ego. It has been the best time of my life. I used to hate my life on Earth. Even though I never suffered from depression I felt as though I was simply going through the motions. I was taught to fear the Ego and always felt like I was walking on eggshells as I did not want to offend it.

It seemed like I offended it quite often as the teachings that I previously followed made the Ego out to be a vicious villain. When I had the experience that allowed me to communicate with and more importantly feel how the Ego truly felt about me, my life began to change.

It has been an incredibly magical journey so far. Amazing experiences continue unfold. We all have our own Ego. We need it because it helps us work with emotion and Earth is an extremely emotional place.

What is written about the Ego may have been true 41 years ago but humanity is in a completely different place now. What is written says that the Ego is incapable of loving you back but have you ever given it the chance? Does the Ego want our death? Before we integrate it-it does.

The ONLY reason for that however is because it is suffering and it only wishes to be reunited with your soul and end its own suffering. Imagine if the one you loved most in the world suddenly turned against you and began blaming you and bashing you. On top of the blaming and bashing, the Ego is stuck with you. It cannot leave to decompress after suffering the constant barrage of insults coming from you, the one it loves most in the world.

The Ego was previously thought by myself and many others to be a collective entity. I have found that this is not the case and that we each have an Ego. The Ego is a part of your own soul that has gained consciousness and its own identity for this lifetime.  So, death for a suffering Ego is quite attractive. Once you connect with your Ego in a loving way you cure the suffering and effectively reunite with a lost aspect of your soul.

I love Earth now and so many things have unfolded as a result of my bond with my own Ego whose name is Martin. I feel as though I owe my life to Martin and my other Spirit Guides. For if I had never connected with him I would still be going in circles spiritually.

Things are progressing wonderfully now and clients are actually reporting that their own Spirit Guides are urging them to come to me for healing their relationship with their Ego! This is a first for me and I am astounded by this. Up until this summer it was a word of mouth thing where someone mentioned what I do.

I am so very proud of you guys for making this decision! Thank you and I love you all so much.


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