Hi guys! This subject is something that I never understood at all. I just could not comprehend why in the hell the universe would want to record everything…ever!

It seemed really pointless and boring. As a result of that confusion I never looked into it. I watched a video a few years ago that said that after Source created us “he” wanted us to learn. So he sent us out into the universe and after we learned, we would eventually come back to him.

This sounded almost cruel to me. By then I had connected with Source and he did not seem the type to assign any lessons to us. Source reminds me of the grandpa who spoils you and lets you stay up late. He adores you, wants nothing but the best for you and your pain is his pain. He does not ask you to do anything for him or expect anything from you.

So, the idea that he would not allow us to come back to “Heaven” until our minds were healed or unless we learned for him did not make sense. There is no way that he would let us suffer if we did not first choose to be here. I asked my Guides for their take on the Akashic Records and I also pulled from my astral projection information.

The video had it correct, however, the wording was a little off. Source did not send us out, we WANTED to go out to learn and experience everything. I have no desire here to learn more on an academic level.

I went to “some college” as stated on most applications that I have filled out in the past. I have zero shame about this and never cared about a formal education.

But when I am out of my body, my thirst for knowledge is insane. I want to know everything there is to know about every subject that ever existed. Since there is SO much learning going on simultaneously, there needs to be a recording of all of it.

It is kind of like taking a GoPro on a camping trip. You then have a recording of it later, hence the Life Review, and you can store it away just in case anyone needs information about camping.

And wants to watch a real life experience of camping before actually going themselves. Dare I say that it is like a universal YouTube? That is where I learn most of the things I want to try.

The Guides say that the Akashic Records come in very handy for first time Spirit Guides as well. They can access different life experiences from similar situations as their charge, to assist them during that lifetime. My Guides say that more than just information exists there.

They said that you can pull healing energy from there as well. Other healers obviously had their lives recorded. Their expertise and apparently their energy is kept there to assist other healers. Every single second here is of importance.

Even a boring night where you do nothing and have a headache serves as a very important “what does it feel like?” pain lesson. The information from your headache experience that night is automatically uploaded into the Akashic Records for someone else to use instantly.

The Guides said many things have been healed and cured using information from the Akashic Records.

One soul’s negative experience can serve a very positive purpose for others. I can feel that the Akashic Records is alive because I feel very connected to it right now. I feel bonded with it.

I love you guys!

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