Hi guys. I just found this on my Facebook page and realized that I forgot to import it here. It is from 2017. A researcher recently asked me a question about the psychosocial affects of Ego integration. So, I wanted to find the most psychological post that I had and pull from that.

Honestly, if you take the spiritual aspect of my Spirit Guides and the Ego being a spiritual/emotional Guide away, you are left with psychology. We are simply learning to embrace all aspects of self. We all have an inner voice that tells us to get up and do the laundry, or sends mean thoughts sailing through our minds. So what exactly is that voice that tells us what to do?

I was fortunate enough to find out exactly what this was, a few years ago. I had a mini “vision” that explained it to me. The voice that you hear is actually one of your personalities. We develop these personalities as we are growing up. They actually all have independent thoughts and feelings.

For instance, I have 3 distinct personalities. One is very sweet, almost angelic. She always says and does the right thing. One is cynical and very sarcastic. She is responsible for my sense of humor and the funny but mean thoughts that run through my mind. And the other one is fiercely independent, fearless and a true free spirit.

We develop these personalities as ways to cope with the adult world. As a way to match and deal with the crazy around us. Then, we have branches of these personalities that serve as aspects of self which then branch off and represent traits such as subconscious fear. We then spend most of our time trying to ignore these aspects. We do not like their qualities and we would rather do without them.

However, they adore us and long to be integrated. The only way to fully heal them is to identify and welcome them by offering them unconditional love. Many people operate under the assumption that these aspects and even the Ego hate us.

This is not true. No aspect of self dislikes us because they are all designed to protect us. We may hate them and they may hate each other but they love us. The Earth experience is hard enough so every part of us tries to assist us in the best way it knows how. And just as the Ego will innocently try to get our attention, so will the aspects until we love and welcome them.

You will notice that most young children do not have different and distinct personalities. They may have moods but act the same all the time. This is because these personalities develop as coping mechanisms for when we feel threatened emotionally or physically in the world, as we are growing up. They can have them but most do not until 5 or 6. It all depends on the emotional circumstance and how the child reacts to it.

With my personalities for instance, the fiercely independent personality would always take over when I was physically threatened. I am not a fighter, but was always astonished by the fearlessness and physical power that would wash over me when someone challenged me to a fight. Don’t ask why this happened to me so much growing up but it did, a lot, in high school especially. It was basically the only way to get the bullies to leave you alone at that school.

I believe that multiple personality disorder is real and that with those folks the personalties are able to completely take over for periods of time. Our personalities crave love and attention. They are, after all, aspects of us. When I asked my Guides what to do about the occasional vicious thought and how I could heal it.

They said that every time I have one of these uncontrollable thoughts, instead of reacting with fear and wondering what was wrong with me for thinking such a thought. To instead, imagine the thought as a little bird or a butterfly and invite the thought into my hands and deeply love it.

Tell the thought that it is innocent no matter how vicious. Then, figure out which personality that it came from and tell her that I love her deeply, and that any thought that she has is valid and beautiful and then thank her. Then, to spend time loving her as often as possible.

I have been working with these thoughts and personalities quite often. I tell the personalities that I love them and that I am extremely thankful for them on a daily basis. I’ve only been doing this for about 2 months and I barely have any more vicious or judgmental thoughts! The personality aspect responsible for this now works with me! She is becoming like a psychologist! She feels love therefore she is changing. She is no longer rejected or ignored.

I am extremely relieved about this because some of the thoughts were so foreign to me. The day that I began to work with my personalities I felt a physical shift as well. I felt complete. It is important to do this because we want every aspect of ourselves to be loved and on the same page.

This is the beginning of true self-love. It is also important because most of these personalities were developed when we were much younger and they would like to grow and evolve just as we have. But they are kind of trapped in the past.

So give them permission to become the enlightened beings that they want to be. I gave my personalities a little pep talk. I told them that they could become anyone that they wanted to be. They did not have to remain emotionally stunted.

Even though they were born to defend me they did not have to anymore, unless I really needed it. Not only did I give my personalities permission but I encouraged them to evolve. I was absolutely amazed at the speed in which the negative thoughts subsided. Love really is the answer to any problem. What to do when you have a vicious thought:

• Invite the thought to be loved and appreciated. You can imagine the thought as a little bird or butterfly, if you’d like.

• Figure out which of your personalities that the thought came from. It is fairly easy to do. Thank him or her for the thought and take a moment to really love the personality. Tell him or her that you love the thought and that you give permission for him or her to evolve into a new being who no longer needs to have thoughts like that.

I didn’t wait for the thoughts to occur. I imagined myself going into my own head and bringing gifts and an abundance of love to my personalities. I also imagined giving each of them a beautiful house to live in. I told each of them that they could be whoever they wanted to be, and as a result of that they instantly evolved. If you are a woman your personalities are most likely all female. Mine are at least but this could absolutely differ for others.

It is also extremely important to “have your own back” in each situation. No matter how judgey the thought, do not react negatively.

I love you all so much.


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