Hi guys. Happy New Year! The reason that I do not do yearly forecasts is because we are all on different paths and it is really hard to do a blanket prediction for everyone.

But when I asked my Guides if we could do a little reading that would relate to every person on Earth right now they said yes. And they were really excited about this.

They said that 2018 was all about deconstructing. The image that they showed me was of a person not only pushing all of their papers off of a desk but then smashing the desk up.

To translate that it means that in 2018 we were forced to confront long-standing issues.

Not only that, but then confront the root of these issues. Normally this is done over an entire lifetime..the smashing of the desk.

Or at the very least we are not asked to confront every single issue in one year.

They call it rapid deep healing. It sounds crazy but we are really lucky to have this.

They said that no other souls incarnated here have ever been offered this chance. This truly is an exciting time on Earth.

However, rapid deep healing can feel like torture. To give you an example; both my grandmother and uncle died within 13 months of each other. You may be wondering how that could be of benefit.

It was extremely beneficial for me in the form of learning to process and replace grief with happiness very quickly. I moved through each of their deaths so fast that I actually felt bad about it.

I thought I was being cold. Their spirits assured me that not only was it the most self-loving way to process grief for myself but it was the most respectful way to honor their memory.

I now have a formula to tackle one of the worst things that can occur on Earth. They said that 2019 will be much smoother but you MUST confront the issues first.

Once you review all of the issue papers that you pushed off of the desk, file them in their proper place and then clean up the smashed desk, you will come out stronger than ever and in a much better place.

To give you another metaphor; 2019 will be about washing the windows in the office. Washing windows feels much more calm and peaceful.

You will hopefully have a nice clean office with a new desk by then and you can go back to a normal life. A better life.

They are showing me a brilliant new light coming through the windows of the metaphorical office.

A new light as you have never seen before. Like the whole office has been transformed into a spa.

It is extremely important not to get so caught up in what is occuring that you then expect and create it in your life.

This is one of the biggest problems here. My scarcity lessons were supposed to begin and end in 10 years time. However, they became a big part of my life after that.

We become so used to that way of life that we make it a part of our existence for much longer than it is supposed to go on.

It is also extremely important to step back and look at what is happening and see which issue is peeking its head up to be healed.

Not one thing that happened in 2018 and is still going on is just to torture you. When something does happen it is showing you that you still have subconscious fears about it.

These fears and issues will continue to plague your life until you heal them. When it happens just be thankful that you are able to handle the issue and expect it to heal itself.

Notice it but try not to get caught up in it. This is hard to explain so I will give another example.

Once you begin to work with gratitude you will notice that things get handled much smoother.

I had an issue where a random bill popped up in my life and I was thinking “what is this all about??!!”

I am so used to money issues solving themselves now that this random bill was really confusing me.

I just kept it in the back of my mind without reacting too much and expected the money to come back to me.

Within one week it had. This was another lesson in manifestation that I really needed to experience.

So, when something happens be sure to really dissect what is occuring.

It is trying to heal permanently. Gratitude and non-reaction are utterly magical with what is occuring.

Do not react when something happens and do as much gratitude as you can with anything that occurs. Look where it is coming from and see what the deeper issue is.

I am not sure if I am seeing this properly but the Guides are showing me much more help coming through in 2019.

Why wasn’t this help present in 2017-2018? Because of the free will that exists on Earth. We had to do it ourselves otherwise it would not be fair to our soul’s journey.

Collectively we are allowing much more help in the form of energy, support, and the kind beings who will be able to assist us more in 2019.

The Guides said that we will be able to move through things much more quickly in 2019. I agree as this is already happening for me.

I am so fortunate to have them to walk me through things when they occur.

I love you!


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