Hi everyone. Last night as I was laying in bed about to fall asleep I was feeling thankful that I felt physically well. This past year was crazy with lots of ups and downs with health stuff. I totally took my good health for granted before that.

So, while thinking about how thankful I was I suddenly had the most obvious epiphany. The secret to a good life on Earth is focusing on what is good in your life, and NOT focusing on what is bad.

I know that this is a simple idea but that is not how I have lived my life up until now. I have been doing lots of gratitude this past year and have experienced outstanding results. However, I was still focused on what was wrong in my life. I thought a lot about how to fix problems.

Last night I realized that these problems are none of my business. I should never be focusing on them. I think I could have created the life I wanted 20 years ago by streamlining my thought process to focus on what I was grateful for all day.

Gratitude is easy and complicated. The reason for that, or at least the way that I was doing it was all wrong! I was dedicating a portion of my week to doing gratitude. This works wonders but the other part of my week was spent on other and less positive thinking. We all know by now that what you focus on creates more of the same.

My life really is quite amazing now so there are less problems to focus on but Ascension gave me much to reflect on in that department. Today, each time that my mind would go into fixing or thinking mode I corraled it back to that thought of how great I felt last night.

I reminded myself how thankful I was last night. You can also just stop and remind yourself all day long to simply say thank you but this reflecting on how good I felt last night felt more powerful than saying thank you.

I know that things are intense but there has to be at least one thing that you are incredibly thankful for each day. Just focus on that all day and you can gradually train yourself to be in that energy all the time.

It is worth it because gratitude is as powerful as love and because you are working against yourself when you are angry or worrying about problems.

It feels really good to focus on what you are thankful for. It has not been hard to train my mind to do this either. This was not hard to remember. I usually forget to do things like this.

My Guides said that you can actually heal or fix things this way as well. They showed me a highway with 8 lanes that was gradually thinning down to one or two lanes. This was a metaphor to represent issues being healed one by one with gratitude. Happy Holidays!

I love you guys.


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