Hi guys! For each post that I write, all of the information comes from myself and my Spirit Guides. This is why I stress that the information may not perfectly match what is out there.

Every subject is “my take” on it. Like the Akashic Records, this subject really puzzled me. I didn’t feel as though I had enough personal information to write about it before. Then, one night as I was walking down by the river I actually saw the Grid.

I saw the energy. It really looks like a grid! I thought that was just a metaphor. At that time I was trying to heal a little bit of fear that I had about walking alone in the dark at night.

I was finally totally free of this fear and that was when I saw the Grid for the first time. The instant that I let go of the fear, the Grid opened up and put more fear into my energy body. I was really surprised.

But it allowed me to understand how it works. This is why it is extremely important for animals to support the Grid. They balance out the crazy that humanity inserts into it.

When I asked my Guides what the Grid was they said that it was a way for “me to reach out and touch anyone in any place.”

They said that it was like an energetic library. It contained the energy of all things in that area.

When I asked if it contained energy that was thousands of years old they showed me different stacks of energy. Kind of like an office building with different floors.

The reason that I asked was because I was watching a show on Jerusalem one time. I decided to connect with it and see how it felt.

It had such a powerful energy about it. When I saw the Grid down by the river the postive energy that was in it seemed to be higher up on the Grid itself.

The Grid is how I am able to do energy healing sessions over the phone or the tablet.

I am simply putting the energy into the Grid and it is being tranferred to the client. The Grid is alive. I can communicate with it. It is very kind. It really wants to assist humanity.

However, it is made up of the energy that we put into it. The energy that I saw surrounded everything. I was out shopping the day after Christmas and the energy of the Grid felt very angry.

I think because of the holidays we had more negative emotion rise to the surface which goes directly into it. It is part of the emotional experience here and we are all contributing to it in every second.

I noticed that each house that I pet sit at has a totally different energy flavor to it. Each house has its own grid system and all of the people and pets who live there also contribute to it.

Watching the news and fearing what may happen greatly adds to the negative energy in the Grid. We can ascend collectively by putting positive energy into the Grid. I am always going to recommend to stop watching the news.

It is designed to trigger you and keeps many in state of fear. My peace of mind has increased exponentially since I made the choice to stop watching it.

On my Google news card that pops up as news every day on my phone, I have it arranged so that only TV news and other news such as which meteor showers are coming are displayed.

That way I still get the news but not anything scary. Non-reaction is a wonderful way to help the Grid ascend.

You are always in control of your emotions when you practice and apply it. That way you can focus on more positive things.

We are affecting each other each day without even realizing it. When we make the choice to put positive energy into the Grid we really are helping anyone who feels and comes in contact with it.

I love you guys!


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