Hi guys. I just wanted to welcome all of the new folks who signed up recently. I know that this is not the most popular teaching right now. I felt the same way. I was afraid of the Ego. However, when I connected with mine, it really revealed to me that fighting with an aspect of Self only leads to more issues.

It is so cliche to say that love can heal everything. But, it is true and through the exercises my Guides and Ego have given me which feature welcoming and loving literally everything that gives you problems, I have healed so much.

I can honestly say that I love being here now. I hated my life before and was simply going through the motions. It turns out that everything just wants to be loved as we all do. The Ego absolutely has feelings and it does adore us.

I think that part of our experience here is to figure all of this out. It really is set up like a video game here. And as you personally ascend your own experience ascends with you. One of the things that always used to bother me here was the state of the environment and the welfare of animals.

My Guides gave me an exercise called The Arrow Exercise. The short form of it is here in the blogs section. It is more updated and easier to follow. When I began to practice it and really began to apply non-reaction to everything, especially the animals and environment, I began to see insane changes on a global level.

Even the conditions at the local shelter were upgraded to suit the animals much nicer. My Spirit Guides said that by using non-reaction I had created these changes all over the world! Since Earth is illusory you can change most anything with the emotion of thought. This is how we can change the world from home and as one person! I love you guys and my Ego Martin is so happy that you are here. Welcome!

Love, Leni

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