Hi guys. Last night as I was laying in bed I was thinking about Source\Heaven. I have connected with it before in the “MY MEMORY OF HEAVEN” post. But I had not explored it that much further.

I wanted to know more about how it looked. This is my version and what I saw while visiting Source and it may possibly look different to each soul.

There are no words! I don’t even know where to begin to describe it. The only place I can compare it to is Fantasia from the Never Ending Story. However, even that does not even come remotely close to doing it justice.

I have been on a virtual tour of the Elemental Realm in a similar experience.
It was the most beautiful place I have ever seen. Source is even higher in frequency than that. The second that I connected with it last night I began to cry.

The crying was from my utter astonishment of how I felt when I began to look around. This is the home we all miss and long to go to when we are sick of Earth. Our true home. There were white “buildings” that looked like they were made of upside down lotus flowers. They were made of ethereal energy. The buildings reminded me of the Taj Mahal. Except they were taller and not as long.

This must be where flowers originated. Imagine a white iridescent building that is shaped like a lotus flower. I think since this image is so unbelievably gorgeous, souls decided to use it’s likeness to create the actual flowers out in the universe.

That way you would remember Source\Heaven each time that you gazed upon a flower. I think that is why we love flowers so much. There was a lot of pearlescent white. This color was imbued with an energy that made me feel so good. I could hear and feel the energy there. All of my senses were affected.

I asked what the purpose of life was there and heard “to love.” We all come from there. We are all related. There is no such thing as a dysfunctional family there.

I believe that one of the most important lessons here on Earth is about the negative dynamic of family. And we want to learn that here because life is so perfect there.

Each second was thrilling. There is no boredom. Just pure bliss. Everywhere I turned it was just beauty and bliss. I connected with Source itself for the visit and I did not know that it had its own consciousness.

This should have been obvious to me. Everything in the entire universe is made of intelligent energy but it was really cool to connect with Source and have it “show me around.”

God\Holy Spirit\Creator is not selfish. Even though we were created from “him,” he wanted is all to have our own independent consciousness. So, he did this with Source! Source is a living and conscious place with it’s own personality. It felt female.

There were also essences of consciousness that I can only describe as ancient and holy. Many of them reside there. I think they may have been the first frequency that God split himself into. They were so vast, colorful and wise. Each with such benevolence and kindness.

As I was beginning to fall asleep Source gave me a little white lotus flower-looking gift. It was a miniature of how the buildings looked. She asked me to put into my heart and my head. When I did my energy went up in frequency. It felt like I drank 10 cups of coffee.

She said that I could imagine this each time that I wanted to remember my visit. And that it would help bring that energy through to clients during my sessions as well. I think I understand dimensions a little more now too. It is really hard for my mind to understand space and time outside of Earth.

When I asked where Source was in relation to Earth she said “it is all around you, on top and beside you, all dimensions are connected and within each other.” And she gave me the image of a blueprint of a home as an example. On the blueprints each room is represented by a white square but all rooms merge into one.

We will all return there one day. We can at any time but many of us souls are out exploring and creating the universe. It sounds absurd that you would ever leave a place like Source but you must understand that outside of Earth every place is sacred and heavenly.

I love you guys!


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