Hi guys. Just wanted to post this because I found it incredibly interesting and maybe some of you want to know what happens after an animal crosses. Our family dog Mister died last week. This is his reading as a Spirit addressed to my mom:

I had some cards picked out for this reading. Mister knows you like Osho so he asked me to use that deck too. When I spoke with him using animal communication while he was alive, he presented himself to me as a young and handsome dog. And that is what he looks like today too.

He looks slim and he is about 3 years old. He wants to start by saying that he is great. He says that he knows it was hard for us to take him that day but that he really needed to go. He says that he was actually ready to go about 8 months earlier but that he was afraid of the unknown. This is why he slept so much for that time. He was preparing to cross.

He says that he did not suffer at all. The shot that put him to sleep did not hurt, he says that it felt really good to “go to sleep” like that. He says that he went many places when he would astral project for the time when he was sleeping in the kitchen. He says that we all do that each night. He says that it was nice to slip out of that body.

He says it failed him the last year. He says that it felt like jello and was all shaky. And he showed me the image of someone taking off a large fur coat that was really heavy. I asked if he enjoyed his life as a dog. He says yes and that it is one of the best lives to choose when you come to Earth.

He says that dogs have a great responsibility here for their humans. It seems like the opposite; that we take care of them but this is not true. Like our Guides, our dogs are assigned to us and serve us during certain times in our lives. Certain chapters.

I asked him why dogs did not live longer. He says it is partially a body availability thing. It is also the animal’s energy that is needed but only for certain times.

He shows me certain colors to represent the different dogs. Like blocks of color or energy that are needed for a certain time in a human’s life. It was really cool.

It looked like a work schedule of different animals coming into the human’s life at certain points. I asked what color Mister’s energy would be or what was needed from him.

He showed me blue which represents calm energy. That is what was needed for the house, as hectic as it is. He says that we were a good family to come to because of how laid back we are. We do not expect obedience and discipline from our animals. We simply allow them to be themselves and he loved that.

I asked what he thought of Ollie. Ollie is my brother’s dog who comes here many weekdays. He just says that when another animal comes in it disrupts their place in the pack.

He was confused as to what his role was when Ollie was there. I have heard that from other pets as well. He loves Ollie now but he says that he could not enjoy his presence then.

I asked if he went and saw Ben. Ben is a black lab who lives about half a mile away, he used to escape and come visit Mister. He says that now that he sees and understands how far Ben actually traveled, he is amazed that he remembered how to get here. He compares Ben to like a brother or twin.

He says he will watch over Ben to be sure he is being treated with respect now. If he needs to intervene he will. He has been over to Ben’s house to play with him since his crossing. I asked what happened after he crossed and if there really is a rainbow bridge.

He says no rainbow bridge, it is similar to what a human goes through except you are pulled into the tunnel because you may not understand what is happening at first.

He says he went up and out of the room. I told him that if he sees a tunnel to go down it and not to stick around and that he could come back later. He was out of his body before the vet even put the stethoscope up to his chest.

He says that many “very nice people” came to greet him and take him to what he calls a soul bath. He says then he had to do a little soul work. He says that this is also something that many animals go through.

Animals tend to enjoy their lives here so it is harder for them to let go of their family when they cross. He says that just as we have a type of ceremony for animals when we take them to be put to sleep, sometimes they also have a completion ceremony.

I asked what happens during that and he says that you gather with your Guides who are helping you after you cross and you watch the family through this portal thing. Then, you either say words to each of them or just watch and say goodbye.

You can stay with them as a Spirit for as long as you choose but your official duty to them is over so you must let go in a certain way. This is a big celebration and you are then commended for what you did for them.

He had a two-pronged life mission. He came to have his own experience after his last lifetime but he also came to support us. I asked if he saw Nike our other family dog who crossed 10 years ago. He says that her essence still watches over us as well but he did not have her at his ceremony.

He wants to say to you (my mom) that he never got to say how much he enjoys your creativity. He thought that the house looked cool. He also says that everyone’s life is a success whether they know it or not. He says that there is no way not to succeed on Earth.

Just coming here is a reason to celebrate. He says we are all here to help each other and many humans do not understand that. He says that the other humans put too much importance on money and status and they are not even getting the point.

The point is just to exist and love. He says that it does not matter where you live or how big your house is. I asked what he thought of Earth in general. He says that he does not like the fighting or anger aspect.

He also says that he wishes people knew that they were in complete control of their health and destiny. He says he knows that it feels as though it is out of our hands but we are the cause and effect of our lives. We have all of the answers inside of us but we have given our power away to others.

He says that if we all learned to work together as humans we could accomplish anything we wanted. He does say that we have worked subconsciously enough to shift things and that change is happening from his perspective and regarding Earth where he is now.

He wants to add one last thing. He says that he and the cats were friends but he should have let the cats come to him instead of him going to them. From my perspective the cats seemed to hate him.

I always thought it was hilarious that the cats were annoyed with him since they were kittens. Even when they were really little they would hiss at him and boss him around. He says that they were friends even though it didn’t look like it. This is a painting of Mister by Sparkle Cofiell.

Love, Leni

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