Hi everyone. A few years ago I wrote a post that was similar to this. It was called “HOW TO TALK TO GOD.” This time I wanted to expand on that topic a little and ask a few more questions. Once again and just for the ease of typing, I am going to call him God as opposed to Creator or Holy Spirit and not capitalize words such as him or he etc.

He is not even comfortable with those terms anyway and asked me to call him Gordon instead of Holy Spirit when I spoke with him in 2016. Even though I was never taught to fear God in any way, I never really knew who he was before 2016. I am not religious and the term God made me feel uncomfortable.

The definition of God as I have come to know it is the being who created us. There is nothing religious attached to who he is. He is neither female or male. I need to tell this story again because it describes God perfectly.

I had to go to the doctor for a nail infection back in 2016. I was walking into the office and as with most doctor visits, you are a little nervous because you do not know what to expect. But it was just a dermatologist so it wasn’t that big of a deal.

As I was walking in he asked “are you scared?” I replied “no” and he said “okay…hold your hand anyway.” That is God. Always there for you, comforting you.

When I connected with him back then it was totally unexpected. I was going through a crazy week with mold and learning to work with the Healing Blueprint. Somehow in my desperation to be well again I opened the energy that separates us and was able to speak with him.

It was the most powerful energy that I had ever felt at that time. As usual there are no words to explain the experience. Everything that humanity does is to fill that void.

Relationships, pets, addictions. Whether it is a shopping addiction, drug addiction, gambling addiction or even a food addiction, we do it to attempt to replicate God’s love for us. To try to feel it again.

Part of the experiment here is about what it is like being disconnected from God. Although it seems normal here, it is so outlandish to be apart from God.

It only feels as though we are. He still watches every second of our lives. Observing and standing on the sidelines as many abandon their belief in him or assume that he is the one piling on their life lessons.

The reason that so many people are never able to hear him is because he is blocked by an energy wall. This was done on purpose to make this human experience seem authentic. I still have to mentally picture a door opening in the ethereal wall so that he can come through because it seals up every day.

I suggest closing your eyes and imagining a wall made of energy. Then, make a door appear and open it again and again. The second that he is able to get through you will know. You will feel a presence of love like you have never felt before.

I wanted to ask some questions for those who want to connect with him but find it too complicated. I asked the most basic God questions that I could think of.

Q: Do you allow suffering?

A: I have no control over the suffering on Earth. I would take it all away if I could. Unfortunately and unknowingly, you choose the suffering you endure.

Q: Do you test people by giving them crazy soul lessons?

A: No, I would never seek to complicate or add to the suffering that you experience here.

Q: Why are we here?

A: Only you can answer that. And you will continue to answer that forever, and especially after your time here. Earth is an experiment. Many are here to explore the possibilities of layers of hardship.

Q: Is there a Heaven?

A: Yes, all go back to reality (Heaven) after your travels here.

Q: What do you think of the earth experience?

A: I do not like that you are there. I do not like to watch you suffer.

Q: Do you think we should stop souls from coming here based on your answer above?

A: Yes. I am immensely proud of you, however, there is too much suffering that occurs on this planet. Some of it I cannot bear to watch.

Q: Do you believe in punishment for sin?

A: In my eyes there is nothing that you can do to warrant punishment. This is a false experience but even if it were real you are not capable of doing anything that would deserve punishment. It would never go as far as forgiveness because forgiveness would require judgment.

Q: Did you create the Earth?

A: No, some very talented and creative souls created the Earth and all planets as vortexes for learning.

Q: That is hilarious to me because most humans believe that you did.

A: Laughs hysterically at what I said (this makes me feel great because I didn’t think what I said was that funny. That just goes to show how kind he is. He was not laughing at the belief that I pointed out, simply that he thought that what I said was funny.)

His official answer: I created you to have fun and explore. It brings me infinite joy and happiness to observe what you create. Whatever you build as souls is an exquisite piece of art to me and so is the planet Earth. However, I do not like the places where you go to purposefully suffer.

Q: Do you require our obedience?

A: No. That is a very foreign term to me.

Q: Do you send people to hell for doing bad things?

A: No.

Q: Are you responsible for taking people’s loved ones when they die in a tragedy?

A: No, you are fully responsible for your own birth and death, as you call them. (He seems to have a hard time understanding the concepts of birth and death as they occur on Earth.)

Q: What is reality in your opinion?

A: Reality equals love, happiness and freedom. It is who you are apart from this experience. This is not reality. There is no suffering inside reality.

Q: For those who are having a hard time understanding who you are, please explain yourself a little.

A: (It took him a minute to think about this because it is really important to him. Many humans have put a stamp on the concept of God and it is not who he is at all.) He says: I love you more than you can comprehend.

Unfortunately, you are in a downgraded experience. There is no way to downgrade a soul so that is why you must integrate yourself into an illusory experience. This means that the love that you feel is also filtered. It means that you cannot understand the level of love that I have for you. I am your best friend, your greatest supporter.

Everything that you do is right and wonderful to me. I am always at your side even when you cannot feel me. I have been watching you for your entire existence. I will go on loving you for your entire existence. I am always here for you.

Q: Who or what are you?

A: I am love energy. I did not officially create you, you created yourself. You have been on many voyages and each one added to your brilliance. To create something is akin to planting a seed and watching it grow.

I merely stepped aside while you came into being. I exist to support and guide you.

Q: You basically just answered this but did you create humanity in your image?

A: No, you created yourself in your own image. There are essences of my energy in every single being. One could say that my DNA is echoed throughout the universe. However, every single being has its own individual divine intelligence.

Q: Are there any human beings who represent you here on Earth?

A: Yes, everyone. Good or bad, you are all wonderful representations of myself on Earth. I love you all the same. You all delight me. Everything that you do is interesting to me.

Q: Expanding the question: Are there any humans on Earth who represent the benevolence of what we know God to be?

A: Not any human specifically, however, any human who teaches and lives kindness, love and compassion would be a perfect representation of myself. There are no levels of holiness. Everyone is equally holy.

Q: Do you have any advice for humanity?

A: Yes, please recognize your brilliance. You are all bright, shining, priceless aspects of divinity. You mean everything to me. I will always be with you.

He would like to reiterate how much he watches you and longs to connect while you are here. I love you guys!

Love, Leni

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