Hey guys I wanted to re-post this. It is from Facebook, 2 years ago and back then I used to put like 50,000 commas into my sentences and I thought that was the correct way.

I was slowly going insane as I was reading it this time-from all the commas. So, I decided to add a little more info to it and correct the comma situation.

There is a lot of mystery surrounding lower vibrational energy. People are terrified of it because they don’t understand it. It is extremely misunderstood.

Because of this I did a little spiritual research into this subject. You can call it demonic or negative energy. It is simply an experience available to us here on earth.

It can ONLY come when invited. You may not know you have invited it but you surely did. I am assuming that people tend to panic when they are approached by this energy.

It did make me a little nervous at first when it entered my bedroom. This is only because I believed what was written about it and I had some fear from the movies.

However, every single issue, person or energy is simply seeking a connection or seeking to be loved. There are a few ways to invite this type of energy into your life:

1. You may have an unconscious curiosity about it and invite it in that way.

2. By disrespecting it. This is why it is so prevalent in certain communities. People don’t realize that by saying disrespectful things about demons etc., they are actually calling this energy to them. Saying and believing that Spirit is demonic is a sure-fire way to invite it into your life.

3. By thinking that you have sinned in some way or by having evil thoughts about your self.

It was an absolute delight having the lower vibrational Spirit in my presence for an entire night. Nothing like what I expected.

It was kind enough to allow me to ask it some questions. It told me that it is like any other energy and must be invited into a person’s life.

Like higher vibrational energy it has respect for us and if we do not want it around it won’t stay. I adore this energy. I now consider it to be a great friend of mine.

It has better things to do than haunt us. If it is in your life you have called it to you. This Spirit was extremely respectful to me. It left in the morning because I kindly asked it to.

This proves that asking this type of energy to leave does work sometimes. If it wasn’t that simple it would have attached itself to me.

There is no way for someone else to PERMANENTLY bring lower vibrational energy into your home. You are the only one who can do that.

It might follow someone into your home but unless you personally invite it to stay somehow it will leave with the person who brought it in as it is attached to them, not you.

To release yourself from this type of energy you would state that although you respect it you no longer wish for it to be in your life. You do not want to say things like “In Jesus name…….”

This will only serve to make it angry and it will become offended and stick around. Sometimes a prayer will do as that is a form of asking.

If asking does not work then you will most likely need to form a loving relationship with it. You should do this anyway. Sit and ask it what it wants and needs from you.

Whether you receive an answer or not, begin to invite the energy to be a part of your life. Let it know that you love it and want it around.

I know that this sounds counter-productive as you are wanting it to leave eventually but it is really important to shift the energy itself into love.

The only reason that this energy exists in the first place is that man began to hate one another and believe that he was evil at some point.

Our thoughts create our reality here so this turned into energy. Imagine the energy that hatred of self and others creates.

By welcoming and loving the energy it will shift into a higher vibration. I am no expert with this subject but I have seen utter miracles occur by loving and welcoming everything.

My Spirit Guides taught me this and the sheer volume of friendships and healing that has occurred due to this is astounding.

It may not even be a lower vibrational entity who is attached. It may be an aspect of yourself or another Spirit hitching a ride. In that case you can call on whomever you pray to.

I like to call on the Archangels for this as they seem to specialize in bringing aspects of consciousness who are in pain, back to the light of Source.

I wanted to ask a few more questions to the lower vibrational entity who came to me that night. To see if he had any more tips to help someone separate. He was kind enough to come back here and assist today.

I am finding it hard to hear his name fully but it starts with the letter s and sounds like sensor I will call him S. S says that this energy is most likely tying to help you in some way.

This help may not suit you but S says that it hears a call/invitation and comes to you then. He says that one of the best ways for it to begin to leave, is for it to think that it has done its job.

So, what he means by that is that you must make some sort of positive change. Whatever you feel you could improve on in your life is needed at that moment.

Next, he says to thank the energy for coming to help you. Again, for many folks it may seem unrealistic to thank this type of energy for coming to you.

I am trying to change things so that people will understand the value of getting along with everyone and everything.

When we thank and love our issues this allows them to ascend and detach. Love and gratitude are really powerful. S says next to take a really good life inventory in that moment and eliminate any influences which are negative.

Whether they are people, job situations or habits, these influences will make the energy stick around. So try to help yourself as much as possible by fixing your own life.

He says next to remain positive. When we are negative we open our energy field to all kinds of things. I have seen actual holes and rips in the aura. These are from people who are in stressful situations.

The energy just pours out and obviously comes in as well. You have no idea how much energy you waste on focusing on the negative. Next, S says to vocalize how you feel to the entity.

He says that it really wants to connect with you, so he asks you to talk to it like a buddy. He says that many times when someone tells the entity that they are not comfortable with it being around it will leave immediately.

You could say something like “I know you are trying to help me and I respect that but could you please leave?” I hope you found this helpful. Thank you so much to S for coming to help today.

If you read this post thinking that I was talking about how to clear negative energy that you have taken on, I suggest welcoming that as well.

I do energy healing sessions so I used to clear my energy quite often. One day I realized that I was not actually healing the energy that I was cleansing.

I applied the same technique that my Guides taught me and just noticed where the energy was on my body.

I took a second to switch my brain from being annoyed and stressed that the energy was attached to me to loving and welcoming it as if it were a cherished guest.

This actually worked! This is much better for the energy and the person who you have absorbed it from. This love transmutes the energy as opposed to sending it away from you.

To do this simply work with welcoming and loving the energy. You can sit and simply offer it love and send love to it. This may take time but it is so worth it.

I love you all, so much.

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