Hi guys! I am coming up on 3 years of working with the Ego. I wanted to celebrate by giving away an Ego Integration. Just message me on the contact page and let me know your name and email and that you wish to be included and I will do the drawing on March 31st.

I would never use your info for any other reason except for the contest or to try to sell you anything in the future. I won’t do any announcements or anything, simply contact the person on March 31st to let them know.

I am so thankful for all the new folks who have come here to the site. In the beginning this was not a popular teaching. It really isn’t even today but I have more and more folks contacting me now and I can feel energetically that the idea is becoming more like a lightbulb switching on for people.

Before, it was mostly just pure disbelief combined with anger, for even mentioning the Ego in a positive light. The past three years have been miraculous. A whirlwind. I cannot believe how much information my Guides, all of the beings and extraterrestrials who come to my sessions, and my Ego have given me.

Before 2016, I hated being here. I was simply going through the motions of life but I was in emotional misery most of the time. I spent a lot of time being jealous of the Guides and how perfect their lives were on the other side. I have been there many times now while traveling outside my body and it is pure bliss.

There is no boredom, no negative emotions and since you have no body, there is no pain. I feel like I can expand to fit the entire universe when I am out of body. Sometimes I do that in my room instead of traveling. While I am falling asleep I go just out of my body and expand and contract and do flips up by the ceiling.

There are no emotions of the past clouding your mind when you are out of the body. No worrying about what you need to pick up at the store or if your client will enjoy your session and find it useful. You can travel anywhere with just thought.

So, you can imagine how much of a temptation and distraction the other side is. However, now I love my life here. If I can say that, anyone can. Within 3 months of working with my Ego Martin, things began to shift dramatically. I am a channeler and I actually was able to channel big bits of information for the first time.

I had such fun trying out this information from the other side. I always act as the guinea pig and experiment with the information to be sure to get personal results before sharing it. The day of the spiritual teacher is coming to an end. We need to be able to do this stuff ourselves. My Guides call it “becoming your own centralized hub.”

If we do not do the work ourselves we will always have to rely on others. I was a server at a restaurant before this. I did card readings as well but unlike most spiritual teachers, I was not born with my lights on as they say. I almost died in 2003 and that allowed me to see Spirit. However, since I was afraid of my Ego and disliked him back then I could only go so far.

I could communicate a little with Spirit but nothing like I can now. Once you embrace all aspects of self, you are working with yourself. When you bash the Ego you are working against yourself and that will keep you in a wheel spinning type of situation.

I am not kidding when I say that miracles began to happen at least once a week after connecting with the Ego. And the great thing about working with the Ego is that it is a lifetime benefit. Things will continue to unfold and heal as the years go by, as long as you still treat your Ego with respect.

Things are still evolving at an extremely rapid pace for me. Everyone is different in this regard but at this point if I am not moving forward in some monumental way, I am wondering why not.

If gigantic miracles are not occurring that month then it is an odd week. I actually had a Near Death Experience back in 2016 and I chose to stay! That would never have been my choice before that. Anyway, thank you for loving the Ego and good luck on the contest.

Love, Leni


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