Hi everyone, I hope that you had a wonderful Easter holiday. Mine was fantastic. This topic is something that a lot of folks have a really hard time with. It is incredibly difficult to grasp the fact that we, indeed, attract all of our problems to us.

When I was asking for information about this topic I was amazed at how many places in our psyche we are manifesting from. My Guides showed me catacombs upon catacombs stacked to the ceiling with issues and memories that our mind creates to deal with problems.

It is always creating a new storage unit to tuck away painful memories. Every single one of these storage units affects our every day life and what we attract into it. So, are we responsible when something negative happens to us?

Yes, we are but it is not our fault. Some of the manifesting comes from places that we don’t even know exist. This is why it is so important not to live in the past. Each time that we relive something that happened to us it affects our life negatively.

The problem with the Universal Laws and the way in which they operate here on Earth is that we are incredibly emotional beings, all with complicated pasts that affect what we focus on, therefore affecting what we attract. On the other side our lives are perfect. We are pure love and light so we manifest more of the same.

Our soul also has its own agenda apart from what we want! Our soul has the power to make anything happen to us. It believes that anything negative is an honorable and extremely important soul lesson. It is partially responsible for anything negative that happens. It is the reason why you sit and ask why certain things are happening.

Surely you would never bring suffering into your own life. That would be crazy. And you are not manifesting those things from a conscious level. Your soul has simply decided that it wants to learn about something. A few weeks ago I was able to see things from my soul’s perspective. I have spent enough time angry with my soul for bringing certain things into my life and it wanted to show me how it worked.

I will never blame my soul again. You must first understand that Earth is a learning and experiencing planet or dimension. To come here and have the perfect life would be pointless. You may as well stay on the other side. So, your soul is going to make the most of any issue. This is what you came here for!

What is crappy to experience for us is extremely important for your soul. There is literally nowhere else in the universe to experience this type of thing. Even the music here is unique because it is all born of emotions like angst and love. When my soul showed me life from it’s perspective I saw time like the bridge made of light and color from the movie Thor.

Each block of color represented something that I had experienced here on Earth and the length of the block represented how many years it lasted. This was my soul’s proudest achievement. It stood by this bridge with the pride of someone who had just graduated Harvard. It told me that it was sorry but this was why we came here in the first place.

It never meant to hurt me but sometimes the lessons really did suck. It told me that it would all be worth it when I left Earth. The innocence and love that my soul had for me in that moment was unparalleled. There was no animosity or twisted sadistic personality traits like you would expect for someone who had put you through the lessons here.

I have explained before that when we come to Earth it is like coming into a pool. The shallow end of the pool is where most of us exist. The shallow end is very difficult as it is. The more harsh the lessons, the more our soul is trusting us to go into the deep end. Most would not survive the deep end. That would drive a lot of us insane.

The deep end of the pool is for like prisoners of war or folks who have seen or caused a lot of carnage or experienced physical pain throughout their entire lives. It is for advanced souls. The deeper you go into the pool, the more compassionate your soul is being. It sounds like the opposite but if your soul allows you into the deep end it is like allowing you into honors classes for souls.

So, yes, we technically are responsible for everything that happens to us. I guess you could even say that we choose these lessons. But, there are many levels to “us” and those levels are the ones manifesting some of the crazy stuff. Do we have control then of anything that happens?

Yes, I have seen incredible changes in my own life by welcoming and loving each issue that happens. Surrender is also extremely powerful when it comes to being in control of the issues and no longer attracting them. Remember, your soul has its own agenda. Your reaction to these issues fuels your soul’s learning experience.

When you are no longer reacting negatively to the issues, the learning stops for your soul and it does not need to continue with that particular issue anymore. To welcome and love the issue without defending against it you:

1. Pretend that you are holding a sword and shield and then set them down.

2. Welcome the issue as if it were a person, into your home or imagined sacred meeting space.

3. Take a second to love and then thank the issue.

To surrender the issue you simply pretend that the issue is a present and give it to your Guides, the Universe or whomever you pray to. And then surrender all of the worry to it as well. You are not allowed to think about it after this. You can do this as often as you’d like. It will probably take some practice.

And with the thoughts that you have about anything negative you simply want to tell those thoughts “no” each time that they surface. This will help to release them from their catacombs so that they no longer have manifesting power over your life. As I was typing this, my body asked me to add it to the things you can do for healing.

When I began to communicate with my body a few years ago, I was delighted to learn that the body adores us. We have made the body unimportant. We have deemed it as maya or illusion. This only serves to take the power away from our body to help us heal.

My body told me that it had the power to heal anything instantly. Even disease or broken bones. It cannot help you if you do not give this permission back to it. It wants to help with everything. We should not have to go to the doctor for every little thing that happens. A simple infection should be easily healed by our body.

My body has healed things like back problems and a UTI. To allow your body to help you simply begin to acknowledge and then thank it for helping as often as you remember. I ask my body to help heal something and then give it permission to heal it. Then, I distract myself and let it do its job. Like surrender, this may take practice.

I love you guys.


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