I went through an experience in 2003, where I got very sick. While recovering, I found that I now suddenly had the ability to communicate with Spirit. My life has been a whirlwind of extraordinary experiences since then.

I connect directly with Spirit through my Guides. Over the past several years, Spirit has nudged me (sometimes it’s been a very insistent nudge!) to let myself become a conduit for some pretty amazing forms of healing and integration. The Guides do all the heavy lifting–they are absolutely integral to the healing process in every session that I do. I am simply the messenger and conduit, for the information and healing energy that they provide.

I know beyond any doubt that my Guides deeply love me, and that is equally true for every client that comes into my life. The Guides would love for each person to have the most optimal life possible. They are in a unique position to know exactly what each individual client truly needs, to help them experience the most amazing life that they can.

To help facilitate lasting change, the Guides have gifted me with many simple exercises. I can vouch for the effectiveness of each one of these exercises, I’ve worked with them all and they’ve all had incredible effects on me. The exercises are designed to work with the unconscious aspects of the self. When you heal from the unconscious, you heal the issue much more effectively than if you were to heal from the surface.