I was taught that the Ego was something to be feared–or that it didn’t exist at all. For years, I lived in fear of the Ego.

Like most people, I was misinformed.

What the Ego actually is, is an aspect of your soul that was designed to operate as an in-body Guide. To function as a Guide, It has been endowed with its own personality and consciousness, and It has the innate wisdom and knowledge of all things– just like any other type of Spirit Guide. Picture a balloon animal: The entire balloon itself represents your soul. The head of the balloon animal represents the Ego; the legs of the animal represent your Higher Self. Each ‘part’ is still you, but has been arranged to seem like a separate portion of yourself, independent from other aspects of you. Yet all of these portions are designed to support and assist you.

Even though I didn’t originally know about this, I was never instinctively comfortable with the idea of fearing the Ego. It just never felt right to me, and I felt as if there had to be some way that the Ego and I could coexist in peace.

In March 2016, I had a very intense energetic experience, which suddenly allowed me to be able to communicate with my Ego. I asked my Ego many questions the night that this experience occurred–and although we had some misunderstandings between us at the start of the conversation, by the end of the night we came to mutual understanding and total trust between us. No hard feelings! My Ego and I have been working together ever since, to help others understand and love their Ego.

Communicating with the Ego has taught me numerous things, previously unknown to…well, anybody, really. Most of humanity seems to labor under negative associations and misinterpretations about the Ego. Most of us fear It; many of us hate It. And we nearly always blame It for things It isn’t responsible for!

But as souls, we would never equip ourselves with anyone, or anything, that would be intended to function as a harmful entity. This earth experience is dense and rough enough as it is! We would not add to the difficulty that already exists here by intentionally giving ourselves an unrelenting internal enemy.

Like the Higher Self, the Ego is designed to serve as an in-body Guide. It is there for assistance, when you need clarity and guidance regarding emotional issues. It is also there to support and guide you by helping you understand your subconscious mind. But what usually happens instead, is that the Ego gradually becomes so hurt and embittered that It refuses to help us, because we’ve spent our lives unfairly blaming It for things It didn’t do. Mutual trust needs to be reestablished, therefore, before a person and their Ego can enjoy the sort of relationship they were originally meant to have.

Because the Ego functions as an independent ‘entity’ It likes to take a name as a symbol of that independence. My Ego goes by the name of Martin. I trust Martin implicitly. His desire is for every single person alive to be able to have a trusting relationship with their Ego. Toward that end, he assists greatly during each Ego Integration session–working gently with the person’s Ego, to coax It into trusting what is happening.

The divine partnership that my Ego and I have, has developed into one of the most beautiful friendships that I have ever known. My entire life has changed for the better, by embracing the Ego aspect of myself. Why not love every aspect of yourself? Both you and your Ego will be thrilled if you do.