All of the exercises here were provided by the Guides. I have simply acted as the channeler. These exercises are powerful, real world applications of the Guides’ teachings. The exercises are designed to work with the unconscious aspects of the self. Because when you heal an issue from deep within the the unconscious, it is healed much more effectively than if you were to heal it merely from the surface.

Many people have been using these exercises, and are reporting great results. I think you’ll find each of the exercises is extremely easy to understand and work with. I myself acted as the guinea pig, testing each one thoroughly– I would never post any exercise without receiving my own personal results on it first. And I’m happy to report that I too have had remarkable success with every one of them. I hope you find them as helpful as I have.

  1. The Healing Blueprint
  2. The Arrow Exercise
  3. Fear: A Misunderstood Friend
  4. Happiness: Your Right As a Soul
  5. How to Talk to God
  6. Self-Worth