These are still early days, in terms of being able to state what the effect of an Ego Integration session may be. A few of the pioneering folks who have received Ego Integration sessions have experienced an instant and lasting transformation. We were delighted and surprised by this, as it seems, on average, to be taking about 3-6 months for most people to fully integrate to the point where they begin to notice miraculous shifts.

This we definitely know: Once you have the Integration and begin to work consistently with your Ego, life begins to change in a very good way. Although this is a new learning, it appears to be quite effective in all those who have worked with it. Another added bonus is that, finally, with the Integration of the Ego together with your Higher Self, there is no longer a need for searching outside yourself for answers. You will discover that you have all the answers, the more you learn to trust in yourself. And that is what living an integrated existence is all about.


“The ego integration session I had with you was amazing, phenomenal, totally transformational, and one of the best things I have ever experienced.  I feel like a completely different person. I have peace of mind!  Literal peace of mind! I cannot express how that has changed my life.  It is truly amazing.

There is no more tug of war going on with my thoughts, no longer do I fuss over each thought I have.  It is miraculous, Leni!  Peace, I have peace.  I have space to process and think my thoughts!  I have room to move about in my being without judging every thought and movement I make.  I love my ego!  I love that I no longer feel the need to be so judgmental about everything. I also feel whole – it is actually very hard to remember how I felt before the integration.  I remember stating to you that I felt shattered and splintered.  I no longer feel that way, I love how I feel. 

I remembered wondering after our session if my relationships with Jesus and Mary Magdalene would be affected.  The relationships have changed but they feel more grounded and less lofty.  They are just as strong and vibrant as they were before however, I feel more connected to them. This has been a true gift. I am so grateful to you and your mother, Sally, for providing such a beautiful service.  Between the ego integration and the processes you have shared, my life has turned completely around.  Beautiful, wonderful ways of being present themselves regularly.  I am finally free and comfortable in my being. 

I cannot thank you enough and I know my words can in no way express the truth of how I feel now as compared to before our session.  I wish everyone could experience the transformation in being as I have.
Thank you Leni – you are a true God send.”
~ Rea, Rhode Island

“Leni provided me with an Ego Integration on September 20, 2016 by telephone. I was nervous and a bit skeptical about what to expect, since I had the pre-conceived idea that somehow this kind of thing could only be done in person. I have always been afraid to be alone at home at night, and my son and husband were leaving for a couple of days. After this Integration, the fear just dropped away! Leni also gave me some exercises to practice, which I do daily. These exercises truly have changed my life! I apply all of these different tips through the day, and before I go to sleep…and I’m no longer afraid. The experience has completely changed my way of thinking and being. An added, unexpected benefit is that I can now feel safe and secure, and not get drawn into other people’s dramas. Leni, I can’t thank you enough, you have helped me immensely. I would say to anyone: I highly recommend opening your mind and heart to this brand new and very lovely way of being.”

~Linda, Canada

“When integration was explained to me, all I could think of was “duh, of course it makes perfect sense.” Denying part of who I am did not make any sense to me, and believe me, I tried to deny it for years!  At one point during the integration I had this mental image of someone being dragged along and I felt some resistance. It was later confirmed by Leni that my Ego had been eager at first but a bit reluctant as the process went on. I had already named my Ego, or rather she had named herself because when I found out the Ego was a she, the name Ramona immediately popped in my head.

What has changed since then for me? Well I am still who I was before meaning that I did not gain any magical powers after the integration, or at least none that I can see. I still cannot guess the right lottery numbers, much to my chagrin. Jokes aside, I feel that the transformation has been gradual, and subtle. A friend who has not seen me in a while commented on how calm and peaceful I seemed.

Right after the integration I used to see a lot of shooting stars and I knew that was Ramona’s way of letting me know she is near. Since then our communication has gotten easier and better in that I can “hear” and talk to her. The key for me, is to keep talking to the Ego and acknowledge her presence.

In summary, I would not undo my integration even if I could. I am very happy I did it. I feel whole. I am definitely more accepting of who I am since the integration.   I love the Healing Blueprint and I am sure I would not have had as much success with it had I not done the integration first.”

~ Raluca, Montana

“I booked my integration even though I have been practicing non-dual spirituality for some time, which carries all kinds of ideas about the ego. I had only recently been to a gathering where someone was speaking about ‘the it’ [also known as the id] with real hatred. On the way back in the car I said to my friend “Why would anyone want to make an enemy of the ego?”

Two days later I heard about ego integration with Leni. I had never thought about actually making friends with the ego before. I emailed Leni almost straight away and asked to do the integration. It felt very natural and right. I had a talk with Leni and her mother before the integration and felt instinctively that I could trust them both and that I was in the right place at the right time.

Two days after the integration I cleaned out all of my electronic storage on my email accounts – it seemed natural to get rid of a whole lot of messy old correspondence – there was years of it stored there. I noticed also that I couldn’t drink the usual two strong coffees in the morning – I have cut down my coffee intake by more than half — and I have been drinking too much coffee ever since I was a child.

I came across a dress that was marked down from $139 to $40 but when I got to the checkout it had been further reduced to $36. Then I got discounts at restaurants two days in a row. These things I mention I am inclined to see as symbols. I didn’t really do the integration in order to achieve any specific results but simply because I felt guided to it.

In the last two weeks I healed a relationship with two long lost family members and was given a family heirloom which made me feel special and honoured.

I would definitely recommend this integration. It feels like it has been a beautiful step into a more loving and nurturing way of being.”

~ Nichola, Melbourne, Australia

“During my Ego Integration session, I watched a figure crawl out from under a bed. Seeing this made me cry, because it felt like it was a part of me. It was like it had been in hiding. That feeling subsided and I felt good afterward. The rest of the day was a very peaceful one. And talking to my ego as my friend, became a normal part of what I did every day. And the result is I feel more happiness than ever before.

I decided to quit studying ACIM, because it felt like just a mental exercise that was keeping me from feeling the kind of peace I now have without thinking. Looking back, I get what ACIM was pointing at…but if I am already there, I’m not going to leave that space of peace, to go think about how I used to be.”

~Colleen, New Mexico

“When I heard of Leni’s Ego Integration I realized that it was a great idea. Love is all there is, yet humans have made the illusion of separation–and we see the ego as the culprit for all that we don’t like to see in others and ourselves.

We have thought of the ego as the enemy, that we had to undo by all means. Fighting against someone or something [in our self] is really counterproductive. It is not Love, and it won’t work for that very reason.

When Leni did the Integration for my Mother Renee, I saw a shift in her. There have been some ups and downs since then, yet she is much better and has a calmer demeanor. There is more peace in her life.

As for myself, I had already realized that to love the ego was what I was asked to do, so the Integration was just the formal compliment to it. After the Integration took place, I can see now where judgements have fallen by the wayside. I can see more clearly now. I thank my ego and holy self every morning. They have names and are working together as one, to help me throughout my day. It’s a great experience! Thank you Leni for sharing your fabulous insight.”

~Elisabeth, New Mexico

“I have had three Skype sessions with Leni and her guides over the past few months.  Each time, the Guides and Leni have worked on various areas of my body as well as my energy centers and stuck emotional issues.  Over the months I have noticed changes in me that are both subtle and obvious.  Today as I was pondering these changes, I realized that the person who first came to Leni back in October of last year is a different person.  I find myself to be calmer, more intuitive, happier, freer—feeling more whole and more of “me” in the best way possible.  Although the world around me hasn’t changed, my way of moving through all the drama and body pain has.  I embrace it all.

Leni is exceptional.  She is kind, gentle and thoroughly in tune with what her guides advise her to do and what the body requires. I highly recommend her.”

~ Donna, Vancouver, British Columbia